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Eirini Boutasi


Eirini Boutasi received her master’s in landscape architecture from the University of New Mexico. Her master's degree is in fine arts, with a specialty on lithography, came from the University of Aberystwyth in Wales. Eirini took part in national and international group exhibitions and competitions while living in the United Kingdom. Originally from Greece, she came to New Mexico for the Tamarind Printers Course before deciding to pursue a career in Landscape Architecture. She focused on Gilles Clement's writings and activities in graduate school, beyond the initial introductory year, to see how his concepts fit in the arid Southwest. She aspires to approach design from a place of dynamic collaboration with the living world, where chance change and indeterminacy are accepted as natural parts of life cycles and linked to the human desire for definition and poetry.


She spends her free time with her young son, gardening, and reading about design trends from all over the world, including landscape design.



Master of Landscape Architecture – University of New Mexico
Master of Fine Arts – University of Aberystwyth in Wales

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