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Juan Hart & Lt. Palmer Baird Memorial Apartments Exterior Improvements 




Landscape Architecture
Parks and Recreation
Public Engagement

Civic and Commercial Facilities


The properties of Juan Hart and Lt. Palmer Baird Memorial Apartments were in desperate need of a makeover. The housing units are less than a quarter mile apart, and HACEP believed that not only might the facilities benefit from each other's outdoor amenities, but that they could also be open to the general public. New independent play units in the playgrounds, new playground surfacing, a new futsal court, new seats, trash receptacles, trees, bushes, irrigation, lighting, and storm water harvesting swales were all added with the help of CDBG grant funding.


To connect the two properties, the project includes ADA upgrades in the right-of-way, as well as street trees and irrigation to provide shade for the now-compliant path.

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