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Norma Oder

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Norma's interest in landscape architecture in the United States and Europe stems from her love of travel and the outdoors. She enjoys working on all aspects of a project, from the tiniest detail to the overall layout and design. Norma's relentless curiosity and meticulous attention to detail enable her to follow the project from start to finish, despite any setbacks. Norma places a strong priority on teamwork, enthusiasm, and embracing the uniqueness of each project. She is passionate about designing spaces that benefit the environment as well as the people who will use and live in them.

Norma has the advantage of having worked on a wide range of projects in the United States and Europe for the past ten years. She brings a wealth of design and construction experience to a wide variety of projects. She is passionate about design and creating both functional and beautiful spaces. Her work focuses on the built-environment-natural-environment interface, resource-efficient design, and historical context. Her ability to prepare thorough construction documents, combined with her broad design talents, makes her particularly qualified for both large and small projects.


Bachelors of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, Technical University of Berlin Germany 

Masters Landscape Architecture – Technical University of Berlin, German

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