Santa Fe County Old Judicial Complex Feasibility Study

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Santa Fe County Old Judicial Complex sits on a key 2.3-acre site in downtown Santa Fe. The two-story building on the site was formerly used as the First District Court, but now it was time for some changes.

Sites Southwest participated in a Feasibility Study to evaluate the property’s potential. The team evaluated existing site and building conditions, assessed current and future space needs for county offices and analyzed market opportunities for the property.

Four options were identified that accommodated county space needs: renovation of the existing building, renovation and expansion, demolition and rebuilding and selling the property. Sites evaluated the four options for cultural, social and economic impacts, including a financial analysis of each option to help the County determine which was most advantageous.

Sites Southwest also contributed concepts for streetscapes and public spaces in each option.

Completed 2013

Studio Southwest Architects/Santa Fe County, New Mexico



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