City of Socorro Bikeways and Trail Master Plan

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Sites Southwest completed the City of Socorro Bikeways and Trail Master Plan in 2017. Prior to this document, local organizations had provided education, advocacy and meetings related to the El Camino Real National Historic Trail and the Rio Grande Trail corridor but was lacking an overarching vision. This plan was the first to map out the entire network, identify opportunities and suggest a program of capital improvements to complete the system.

Sites Southwest worked with the New Mexico Department of Transportation, the South Central Rural Transportation Planning Organization, Healthy Kids Socorro, Healthy Kids New Mexico, New Mexico Tech and Socorro Striders and Riders to collect information on existing bicycle facilities, most heavily used routes, gaps in the network, and other information about the needs of bicycle commuters and recreational riders.  Maintenance and safety issues were identified, and pedestrian and bike crash data were mapped. The plan identified streets with adequate right-of-way for on-street facilities and provided recommendations for facility types and design guidelines.

A prioritized list of projects with responsibilities, costs and funding sources, policies and program recommendations were included in the plan.  The City stressed the importance of providing specific and measurable goals in the plan. The City has moved forward with an on-going advisory committee which is composed of participants in the planning process.  The committee advocates for plan implementation and tracks progress to the plan.

Completed 2017

City of Socorro, NM




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