Lordsburg Downtown Master/MRA Plan

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The City of Lordsburg undertook a Downtown Master Planning and redevelopment process to improve economic conditions, increase tourism, and help rehabilitate properties along Motel Drive and Main Street. This plan extended work done as part of the Historic Motel Drive Revitalization Plan, which was completed in 2014 as part of NM MainStreet’s Frontier Communities Initiative. The new plan built on the previous project ideas and provided additional strategies that the City can follow to encourage future redevelopment.

Altogether, Sites Southwest developed 12 project ideas for downtown, including streetscape improvements, reconfiguration options for Motel Drive, a wayfinding system, facade upgrades, improvements to the downtown railway property, affordable housing options, and marketing and economic development strategies. As part of this plan, community members were invited to participate in interactive visioning and mapping exercises to develop project ideas.


City of Lordsburg, NM



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