Luna County Comprehensive Plan

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Luna County was transitioning from its ranching and farming based economy to one of renewable energy, value added agriculture and retirement. Along with the changes came some problems. Sites SW tackled those problems in a Comprehensive Plan for the county.

The plan addressed the major issue of county policies for antiquated subdivisions and designated colonias. Essential land use regulations, workforce development, agricultural land preservation and basic infrastructure also needed attention.

Working with a county resident advisory committee, stakeholders and staff, Sites Southwest guided the planning process and developed preliminary goals/strategies. Public meetings in Deming and Columbus also engaged participants in collaborative problem solving. The resulting SSW plan laid out strategies to ensure a sufficient water supply in the face of drought and rising temperatures. Other action ideas provide for affordable housing and maintaining services.

Sites Southwest completed the Comprehensive Plan for this county of nearly 3,000 square miles over nine months.

Completed 2012

Luna County, New Mexico



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