City of Socorro/Socorro County Affordable Housing Plan

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There’s no lack of space in the City of Socorro and Socorro County in central New Mexico, but there is a lack of housing. So, Sites Southwest was called upon to complete an affordable housing plan to help.

Socorro County encompasses 6,647 square miles, making it the second largest county in the state by area. As a rural county with a small, declining population relative to its size, the County faces a number of demographic challenges that will affect future affordable housing development. A large number of people commute to their jobs at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, due in part to a lack of suitable housing for the workforce.

Working closely with city and county staff and local affordable housing providers, Sites Southwest documented affordable housing needs by income level and housing type, set goals for affordable housing production and developed funding strategies and incentives for affordable housing projects. Assisted senior living, subsidized senior housing and supportive housing for people with behavioral health needs are high priorities. There is also a need for subsidized rental housing and housing rehabilitation.

Completed 2016

City of Socorro/Socorro County, New Mexico



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