Town of Bernalillo Affordable Housing Plan

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Growth of surrounding cities coupled with the Town of Bernalillo’s highly desirable rural environment has increased the demand for housing and dramatically increased new housing costs. Town leaders looked to Sites Southwest for some solutions.

Sites planners conducted interviews with key stakeholders and worked with town staff to document issues and complete an Affordable Housing Plan. The Sites team discovered almost no new housing is affordable to median income earners. Several regulatory changes and program options were recommended to enable the town to increase the affordable housing supply.

As a follow up to the plan, Sites Southwest assisted the Town with its Affordable Housing Ordinance and amendments to the Town Zoning Ordinance that will remove some of the policy and regulatory barriers to affordable housing.

The Sites prepared Affordable Housing Plan is consistent with requirements of the Affordable Housing Act for Affordable Housing Plans and meets New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority standards for such plans.

Completed 2012

Town of Bernalillo, New Mexico



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