Las Cruces Dam Comprehensive Maintenance Plan

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Maintenance with an emphasis on ecology. That was the mission for Sites Southwest when asked to develop a Comprehensive Maintenance Plan for the city’s flood control dam. The plan follows standard Operation and Management practices for flood control structures, but it adds vegetation and animal management to the mix.

Analysis identified specific areas behind the dam requiring maintenance to preserve the facility’s primary flood control function. Moderate, periodic and low maintenance to other areas could be completed with an eye to preserving wildlife and its habitat. The plan calls for prioritizing, phasing and seasonal timing of all maintenance activities. Plan strategies identify methods to protect and avoid natural resources.

Innovative low impact development (LID) ideas were incorporated with an emphasis on storm water management. The plan also evaluated the dam’s diversion channel to determine the most efficient, economical hydraulic width required to minimize maintenance and erosion.

Completed 2013

City of Las Cruces, New Mexico



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