Aldea El Paso

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Aldea, El Paso is a 250 Master Planned New Urbanist Community in the city’s northwest sector. It’s located near the dramatic backdrop of the Franklin Mountains and beautiful Chihuahuan Desert. Sites Southwest, working with the owners and Moule & Polyzoides Urbanists, developed a plan for the residential and commercial center in a community well attuned to the desert environment.

The plan calls for parks, streetscapes, trails, a parking grove with water harvesting and wildlife attractants, a winery and a series of interconnected arroyo/open space environments. Green infrastructure, low impact development and water harvesting are all part of water conservation strategies for the community. Sites’ environmental efforts encompassed a wildlife survey, 404 permitting and a mitigation plan with planting designs.

Work with TXDOT included the aesthetic and landscape design of the freeway interchange servicing Aldea. This large community project is ongoing.


Geltmore, LLC/ Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT)



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