Bernalillo County Water Conservation Standards

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Bernalillo County wanted to reduce water consumption and achieve long-term water supply. They contracted Sites Southwest to develop landscaping water conservation standards and guidelines to meet that goal.

The project’s purpose was to define the requirements of the new County Water Conservation Ordinance and help homeowners, builders and developers comply and conserve water. The guide shows residents how to maximize water efficiency and conservation through design.

A protocol document developed as a companion to the standards and guidelines prepares the homeowner/builder/developer to process plans through the county. A checklist enables applicants and county staff to easily determine whether the requirements of the Water Conservation Ordinance have been met. The easy-to-understand applicant checklist clearly lists the requirements and necessary steps to meet them. County staff conducts a field inspection and verifies checklist items.

A copy of the document can be found at the Bernalillo County website.

Completed 2011

Bernalillo County, New Mexico



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