Open Space Enhancements (Van Buren and Louisiana Dams)

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Sites Southwest played an integral role in this premier project implementing the City of El Paso Trail and Open Space initiative. Leading a multi-disciplinary team, Sites created a unique custom design for the Van Buren and Louisiana storm water dam sites.

Sites solicited public input for its design. The feedback led to incorporating plazas with decorative permeable paving; an outdoor amphitheater; lighting; ADA accessibility; interpretive educational signage; and trails for walking, biking and exercising. The community wanted a skate park, so a sculpture trail was included with beautiful skateable sculptures created by a local artist.

All trails were seamlessly integrated with landscape areas and seating. Areas with native vegetation were protected. Disturbed areas were revegetated with low water use plants to provide shade and beauty while still allowing the sites to be used for drainage. Water harvesting techniques such as check dams and swales nurture the vegetation in previously unattractive, leftover space.

Completed 2009

City of El Paso, Texas



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