Fort Bliss Corridors Aesthetics Master Plan

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The corridor surrounding and providing access to Ft. Bliss in El Paso, Texas should not only be useful, but nice to view. That was Dannenbaum Engineering Corporation and TXDOT’s mission when they tasked Sites Southwest with putting together an Aesthetics Master Plan for the project.

Sites SW studied the character of the existing roadways and infrastructure, as well as that of adjacent neighborhoods, structures, facilities and landscapes. This information was cross referenced with proposed engineering improvements for the corridors and vetted through a series of meetings with numerous levels of management and stakeholders. Text and rendered graphics that speak to the beauty of this unique area were expanded and refined, leading to a final distinctive master plan document and graphics. Context sensitive design solutions consisted of structural, landscape, lighting, signage, gateway features and special enhancements.

The plan was developed over a 24 month period.

Completed 2015

Dannenbaum/Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT)



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