High Desert Community, Various Projects

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This 1,000-acre parcel in Albuquerque, New Mexico encompasses about 2,300 dwellings built over about 14 years. At the completion of each phase, parks were installed, streetscapes and trails designed/constructed and open space enhanced. Sites Southwest assisted in the development of the approved plant list and landscape revegetation guidelines, participated in the community review committee and designed landscape and irrigation for many projects.

Landscaping is drought tolerant using mostly native plants. Water from roadways, roofs and other impermeable surfaces is harvested for re-use. All materials complement the natural environment. Water harvesting is accomplished by a totally passive gravity irrigation system. It captures storm water from the streets and other developed areas at High Desert and delivers it to the root zones of newly introduced and preserved vegetation in open space areas. This system provides a means of using moisture that would otherwise be lost, demonstrating to the community an innovative use of alternative technology.

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