MCA Tech Park

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The Medical Center of the Americas Foundation /Biomedical Institute of the Americas’ new MCA Biomedical Research and Technology Commercialization Building (a.k.a. MCA Tech Park) will be located in central El Paso, Texas.

The campus landscape design incorporates shaded and natural spaces integrated with each area’s intended use. Shaded paving reduces the “heat island effect.” The plant palette consists of drought tolerant, flowering, native and desert adapted trees, shrubs and ground cover to add color and interesting textures to the landscape.

This LEED Silver complex includes a variety of xeriscape and water conserving techniques that are vital to a healthy ecosystem. Water harvesting, structural soils, green swales, bio swales and/or rain gardens are some of the low impact development (LID) techniques planned. The building’s water will be maximized by filtering usable gray water and storing it in a cistern under berms in the landscape. The filtered water will be reused in the irrigation’s low water drip system.

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