Rancho Desierto Bello Park

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This neighborhood park in Horizon City, Texas is part of a planned subdivision. The park offers a playground, plaza and a sand play area in an underserved part of the city.

The park’s dry streambed comes to life during rainstorms providing storm water capacity for nearby subdivision streets. Although engineers originally planned a much flatter park site, Sites worked closely with them to manage street runoff and accommodate small to medium water flows. The larger flows were diverted to storm water catchment areas. The use of bio swales and check dams to reduce runoff speed allowed attractive plantings in the swale and a slightly larger and deeper pond. This larger pond includes a turfed lawn situated to receive the filtered storm water runoff. It also provides a venue for various activities throughout the day.

A large area of protected native vegetation includes walking paths off the paved trail.

Completed 2019

Town of Horizon City



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