Tiguex Park / Museum District Master Plan and Design

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Tiguex Park has been an integral part of Albuquerque since its construction in the 1970’s. The park is in the center of the city’s museum district, bordered on the west by The Albuquerque Museum and on the north by the Natural History and Explora Museums. It is also directly adjacent to Old Town.

Tiguex Park provides its Plaza Vieja neighbors with playgrounds, ball courts and recreation fields. Old Town shoppers and museum visitors use it for outdoor respite. It also serves greater Albuquerque as a gathering place for performances and celebrations.

Sites Southwest created a master plan for the district and re-designed Tiguex Park. New to the park are increased conservation through water harvesting, watershed planning for drainage, open park entrances with improved safety and visibility and updated park accessibility.

This winning combination along with excellent landscape design has proved to be a great success story for a much beloved Albuquerque park.

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