Urban Design

Shelly Homer

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Spaces & Plazas
Transportation & Streetscape
Building Surrounds
Guidelines & Policies
Physical Master Planning

  • 12th and Indian School Roundabout
  • Aldea El Paso
  • Butterfield Trail Golf Course Entrance
  • Butterfield Trail Industrial Park Street Improvements
  • East Downtown Albuquerque (EDO)
  • Explora Science Center and Children’s Museum
  • Fort Bliss Corridors Aesthetics Master Plan
  • Las Cruces City Hall
  • Las Cruces Federal Courthouse
  • Los Lunas Transportation Center Master Plan and Design
  • Mariposa Village Center
  • Montwood Medians
  • New Mexico North 14 Plan and Design
  • Project Vida Administration Facility
  • Raton Downtown Master Plan and MRA Plan
  • Rojas Medians
  • San Mateo Interchange Aesthetics Design
  • Stanton Point of Entry Facility Improvements
  • Sun Metro Administration and Maintenance Facility
  • Sun Metro BRT
  • Tiguex Park / Museum District Master Plan and Design