Sun Metro BRT

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Two hundred and sixteen of El Paso’s bus stops were in serious need of a facelift. Sites Southwest assisted Sun Metro and the civil engineers chosen for the project in updating the facilities, including new landscaping.

The existing stops were varied in size, amenities and challenges. Site designers coordinated with engineers and city personnel in categorizing the bus stops and creating prototypical designs for handicap accessibility, shelter size, amenities and landscaping. Using the prototype, Sites was able to provide landscaping to a large portion of the sites, meeting Sun Metro’s goal of doing so. Piped water was not available at the bus stops, so designers worked with engineers on creating an innovative water delivery system to the low-water plants.

Sites Southwest also designed a strong, yet economical and beautiful Lithocrete paver with the Sun Metro Logo using recycled glass.

Completed 2015

City of El Paso, Texas



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