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Shasta Meehan  


Shasta grew up in the Willamette Valley in Northern Oregon, near the North and South confluence of the Yamhill River. Her deep connection to the land comes from an avid exploration of the cascade foothills and her exposure to urban environments that straddle the line between urban communities and farmland. Her early experience with landscape architecture began as a member of the Northwest youth corps, working with the forestry service and army corps of engineers to put in the hard work of landscape restoration and trail building. She believes that landscape design is not only defined by geographic location and structural organization, but by the internal communities that direct how urban places are used and cared for. In New Mexico, her interests in placemaking and the proximity to rich cultural landscapes inspire her work and vision for sustainable design. Her other interests include gardening, reading, caring for her large indoor plant collection, and taking her dog for long walks in the arroyo. 

Shasta is a landscape designer with a focus on ecological design and green infrastructure. Her projects have included design and graphic support for streetscapes, parks, residential, and municipal sites in New Mexico and Oregon. Through her time in the design-build field where she worked with an expert team on urban stormwater management, she concentrated on the development of creative solutions for water harvesting systems and the greening and regeneration of arid climates. Her work involves practical site-based principles and the use of local materials and native plants to create microclimates and opportunities for revived soil health and habitat. At SSW she provides graphic and creative support.  


BLA – University of Oregon 

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