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Argal Park at Las Palmas 


City of El Paso, Texas 


Landscape Architecture
Parks & Recreation
Public Engagement

Open Space & Wildlands

Argal Park is a new City Park located in El Paso's Las Palmas neighborhood. The design converted a 23-acre desert lot, which was slated for industrial development, into a neighborhood amenity providing active and passive recreation and an extensive walking path system. Multiple walking paths run throughout the site and lead to a variety of site improvements. Much of the property will remain as native untouched desert, giving the park a very natural and El Paso feel and allowing users to experience the native terrain. A variety of other site amenities have been interwoven with this native area such as a large multi-purpose lawn, a dog park, public plazas, a covered playground, a restroom building, water fountains and many others. Pedestrian plazas with decorative colored concrete, benches, trees and trash receptacles provide a resting place for users. A half-acre dog park with divided areas for large and small dogs will draw pet owners from the surrounding area. Parents and grandparents will also be able to bring children to use the latest model of playground, swing set and open lawns. Native plants will be planted, and low impact development techniques have been implemented to take full advantage of all storm water.  


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