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What We Do


Our Landscape Architects meld a strong technical knowledge of the land with aesthetics. We are both artists and technicians. Our talent is to listen to your goals, uncover your dreams, put them on paper and place them on the earth. The places we design become the sites you walk, gather, hike, drive, visit, use and love.

Our projects rethink drainage channels into multipurpose parks. We transform roofs into sustainable green gardens. We help convert a former dairy farm into an urban wildlife refuge—one of the first of its kind in the United States. We envision a wetland in the middle of a high school campus and it becomes an outdoor classroom. Our streetscapes invite everyone, not just the automobile.

Places like these are not only beautiful, they’re functional. That’s our goal. We meld infrastructure, intended uses and aesthetics into a resilient and purposeful space. Our innovative designs conserve water and use regionally appropriate plants. We believe this ideal combination of artistry and technology leads to a world that looks and acts its best!

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People want to live in a place they care about. A place that supports them socially, economically and culturally. Our community planners not only dream of that kind of place, they give life to it.

Whether a regional scale comprehensive plan or a site specific master plan, we put our heads together with yours. We listen to you. We look at what has been and what can be. The vision becomes a plan and the plan becomes strategic steps to achieve the vision. We craft a blueprint for our clients that’s not only practical but deeply rooted in the history and culture of their communities.

Our community planners are committed to mindful planning of meaningful places where people choose to live, work and play.

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Our urban design team creates spaces that excite and enhance the user’s experience and highlight the unique history of place.

Urban Design marries architecture, landscape architecture and community planning and combines them into a single inventive process where each design element is equally important. Buildings, their surroundings and intended functions meld into a complete and whole place.

Employing our Urban Design team ensures your downtowns, cultural complexes, plazas, gathering spaces, streets and commercial development are appealingly useful.

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