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Ashley Pond Park


Los Alamos County



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Sites Southwest was commissioned by Los Alamos County in 2011 to develop plans for the rehabilitation of Ashley Pond Park. This park served as the County's central park and was a valuable resource for the Los Alamos Ranch School. As part of the Fuller Lodge Historic District, the park makes incalculable contributions to the city of Los Alamos and New Mexico. The project design had two goals: 1) to create a walkway through the park and connect it to the Fuller Lodge Historic District, and 2) to improve the lake's poor water quality caused by eutrophication. Ashley Pond Park's redevelopment plans included rehabbing the bulkheads, sidewalks, lake engineering systems, providing walkways to the street and parking levels, and redesigning the landscape by the lake.

All of this was accomplished while remaining true to the parks' historical significance. As a result, a beautiful and functional space in the heart of Los Alamos has been created.

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