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Carlos Gemora

As a senior planner at Sites Southwest, Carlos Gemora provides the team with experience in interjurisdictional mediation and negotiation, stakeholder engagement and facilitation, project and program management, and the resolution of technical, multi-party problems involving economic, legal, cultural, and political challenges.

Key elements to Carlos’ mediation and facilitation work involve the identification and articulation of each party’s concerns and priorities; the distillation of complex issues into actionable and constructive movement forward; and innovative, robust problem-solving. As a trained and ethical mediator attention is always given towards impartiality, confidentiality, and the maintenance of trust between involved parties.

As a land use planner and former public servant, Carlos additionally understands the technical, political, and organizational challenges faced by public entities and how to assist in thinking about long-range and strategic efforts to improve communities.

Professional Affiliations:

American Planning Association
Public Servant Leadership Program
Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution

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