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Corcoran (Corky) Park Improvements 


Town of Horizon City, Texas  


Landscape Architecture
Parks and Recreation
Public Engagement

Green Infrastructure & LID

Spaces & Plaza


Sites Southwest led a multi-disciplinary team to instill new life at “Corky” Park in Horizon City Texas. The Park, adjacent to the future town center, functions as the Town’s central park. Critical to the community’s public events, whether “Music in the Park” or the Christmas Tree lighting, the park now has a central plaza, plaza style skatepark, a multi-use paved trail, upgraded baseball and softball field, a new restroom building, multiple play structures, an embankment slide, outdoor sport courts, site furnishings, new trees, shrubs and irrigation system.  Twenty-two existing mature trees were saved, providing much needed shade in this desert climate.  Green Infrastructure techniques such as rain gardens, and integrated stormwater harvesting are featured throughout.  

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