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Danielle Wilson

Danielle Wilson believes that those who are directly impacted by the planning process should have a voice in its creation. Often, the solutions to the most intractable challenges are found within individual experience, local knowledge, and careful collaboration. Once we understand what we each have to give to the places we inhabit, and our mutual dependence, reciprocating communities can flourish. This process begins by knowing each other and the land. On that foundation, we build and develop our physical, economic, organizational, and human communities.    


Ms. Wilson has worked in community development through private, non-profit and philanthropic sectors for 10+ years. In her professional work and beyond, she uses a collective organizing lens to build momentum for positive change. Knowing that community planning and change can occur at any scale, Ms. Wilson’s experience ranges from creative vacant lot redevelopment, to organizing for district-wide education reform. In all her work, she strives to meet people where they are, create a common vision and shared values and build tangible actions for the work to continue beyond the plan.

Professional Affiliations:

Association for Community Design

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