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East Mesa Recreation Complex 


City of Las Cruces


Landscape Architecture
Parks and Recreation
Public Engagement

Master Planning

The city of Las Cruces’ East Mesa Recreation Complex is an 8.5-million-dollar complex being planned and designed near the city’s Lohman Corridor, east of I25.  Sites Southwest, as a partner with Wilson & Company, is master planning and designing the complex.  This ambitious project went through a very complicated master plan process that included the development of a Public Information Plan because of the varying groups interested in the project.  The groups included sports leagues, pickleball activists, open space advocates, nearby residents worried about losing views to the organ mountains, trails and biking supporters and the BLM (the lands the complex will be built).  The complex includes two access roads planned to disturb as little desert as possible, eight soccer/football fields, eight baseball fields, 16 pickleball courts, trails, a traditional park and amphitheater embedded in the pristine desert, concessions and restrooms and a greenway promenade that links the facilities.  

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