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East Downtown Albuquerque (EDO) 


Broadway + Central Corridors Partnership, Inc.



Landscape Architecture

Urban Design

Public Engagement

Spaces and Plazas

Redevelopment Plan

Community Planning

Urban Design

Building Surrounds

Guidelines & Policies

The east downtown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, has a new look. That was the goal of the EDO Project, which used New Urbanist thinking to revitalize Central Avenue, Broadway Boulevard, and the Old Albuquerque High School, which is now lofts. Sites Southwest contributed to EDO's overall design plan, worked with other team members on site composition, and conceptualized landscapes for the initial development phases.

The rehabilitation of the Old Albuquerque High School structures and campus was one of the first redevelopment projects. The High School Project rehabilitated a classic old building and plaza into residential lofts. Outside, there was a new central plaza with landscaping, sitting areas, and outdoor "rooms" for entertaining. The project was a huge success, and there was a waiting list for tenants.

The High School Project generated the EDO Master Plan. It created design guidelines for the revitalization of the area around the high school. The role of Sites Southwest in this project included conceptual design and cost estimating for the streetscapes, parks, roundabouts, and crucial public plazas. Planning priorities included sustainability and the needs of surrounding buildings and residents. Sites Southwest also assisted the developer in documenting the availability of on-street parking.

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