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Animas River Trail & Gateway Park 


City of Farmington


Landscape Architecture
Parks and Recreation

Transportation and Trails

Public Engagement

Master Planning

The City of Farmington hired Sites Southwest to design two challenging extensions of its centerpiece Animas River Trail system. The first trail segment extends the riverside path from the existing ‘Among the Waters’ trailhead nearly a mile to the east, upstream from its confluence with the San Juan River. The second reach will nearly double the total length of the trail system, extending it three miles east from the existing terminus at the Riverside Nature Center, past the Farmington Museum and squeezing behind a row of businesses via another steep embankment above the river. As part of the second trail extension project, SSW also developed a preliminary Master Plan for a proposed Gateway Park overlooking the river just east of the museum -- intended to serve as a focal point for the community and highlight the connection between the museum, river, and newly proposed trail extension.  After the initial plan was completed, the City of Farmington decided to expand the facility to both sides of the museum and pursue a public/private mixed-use concept with restaurants, kiosk shops, and multi-use pavilion that can be used for growers’ markets and special events, to attract both local and regional participants.  SSW is currently finalizing the updated master plan and will proceed with the design phase following final approval by the city council.

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