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City of Gallup Comprehensive Housing Analysis


City of Gallup 


Community Planning
Public Engagement

Affordable Housing


The City of Gallup hired Sites Southwest to conduct a comprehensive housing needs analysis to support the City's Growth Management Plan and Housing Strategic Goals. We identified and analyzed existing and projected housing needs, assessed housing supply and demand, met on a regular basis with a working group of realtors, builders, developers, and other housing providers, interviewed other stakeholders, contacted apartment complexes throughout the city, and conducted two online surveys to inform future housing development. We were able to recommend both short- and long-term actions that the City and other stakeholders could take to meet housing needs using this information. Sites Southwest identified the City of Gallup's housing needs and barriers to housing development and proposed five goals and implementation steps to address them. The Council officially adopted the report and recommended that two of the short-term actions be implemented immediately. This report follows the guidelines established by the New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority (MFA), which administers grants and technical assistance for affordable housing to New Mexico's municipalities and counties.

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