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Hahn Arroyo




Green Infrastructure & LID
Landscape Architecture
Master Planning
Open Space & Wildlands


2012-2013 ACEC/NM Engineering Excellence, Water and Storm Water Honorable Mention Award, 2013


2013 Engineering Week Awards, Project of the Year- Small Project, New Mexico Society of Professional Engineers, 2013

Civic Public Renovation, NAIOP 2012 Award of Excellence


In the 1960s, the Hahn Arroyo Drainage Channel was originally built. It deteriorated over time, and the concrete lining deteriorated to the point of failure after severe rains. AMAFCA hired Sites Southwest to create a conceptual design for the channel’s rehabilitation. AMAFCA and its consultants chose a unique approach based on environmentally friendly ideas and cutting-edge technology. The arroyo might be used for a variety of purposes, remain safe, and still act as a drainage system.

The Hahn was designed and rebuilt by Sites Southwest in collaboration with Smith Engineering. The project’s main goal was to repair the drainage lining while also improving water quality. A multipurpose trail, water harvesting measures, and channel sections as open space/park lands were all part of the team’s “whole systems approach.” Diversion structures were built to filter contaminants from storm water before harvesting some of it and storing it in cisterns. The water irrigates the landscape, giving shade, habitat for wildlife, and aesthetic alleviation. A dog drinking station was also included, as well as wayfinding signage.

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