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Heritage Farm at Albuquerque BioPark


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The new BioPark Heritage Farm will be much more than a farm; it will be an educational experience for people of all ages and abilities about where our food comes from, as well as how animals interact with humans and vice versa. The farm tour gives opportunity for people of all ages to learn about our heritage (both indigenous and European), as well as insights gleaned through time-tested agricultural practices and resource management. Finally, the experience will prioritize habitat relationships with people, farmers, and animals.

There are four integrated playgrounds: one for children to play on farm themed equipment, with a portion dedicated to children and animals (with chickens, turkeys, goats, and sheep); another for young farm animal play; a third for nature play in a Rio Grande bosque environment; and a fourth for train play (a small narrow-gauge railroad is being rerouted through the farm). All of the playgrounds are ADA-compliant, include informative signage, and encourage families to interact with people of all ages and abilities.

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