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Los Lunas Transportation Center


Village of Los Lunas



Landscape Architecture

Market Analysis

Economic Development
Community Planning
Public Engagement

Redevelopment Plan

Urban Design

Spaces and Plazas

The master plan for the Los Lunas Transportation Center includes master planning, design, and construction. The master plan builds on three previous plans for the area that were initiated in 2006. Sites Southwest was hired in 2013 to master plan the Transportation Center district, with an emphasis on land use planning. Following the planning phase, our team focused on the Village Center’s urban design, which included a Rio Metro bus hub for Valencia County, an event space and concert venue, a plaza, centralized parking, and mixed use with retail and residential uses. Sites Southwest then designed the new plaza, drop off, Rio Metro Hub, and connections to parking, the Rail Runner, and other site features in addition to the master plan. Since then, we’ve planned the area around the center as a metropolitan redevelopment area that prioritizes redevelopment, and the Village has purchased more land. The Master Plan was updated in 2018 as a result of these changes. By identifying land use and urban design recommendations, Sites Southwest aided the Village’s vision of creating “a vibrant, walkable Village Center that serves local residents and visitors, provides a variety of attainable housing options, promotes economic development, and supports increased Rail Runner and transit ridership.”

Sites Southwest conducted an analysis of the factors that support new development in the vicinity of the center, recognizing that current demographics, housing supply, and market conditions are the primary drivers of redevelopment. To make the area a pleasant place to walk, bike, work, and live, the plan calls for multifamily housing, ground-floor retail, commercial office space, outdoor civic spaces, and multimodal circulation improvements.

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