Mesilla Comprehensive Plan Update

This plan is an update to the 2004 Town of Mesilla Comprehensive Plan, and seeks to articulate the direction that residents, business owners, elected officials, and other stakeholders would like the Town move in over the next 10-15 years. To this end, the plan is focused on continuing to preserve Mesilla’s cultural assets, support local businesses, promote sustainable tourism, maintain and improve infrastructure, and ensure that residents retain a high quality of life.

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Presentations & Documents

Town Map

The following map includes information and layers for the Town, including land use, zoning, infrastructure, and more. You can explore the datasets by clicking the arrow in the upper left to open the layer sidebar and select layers you wish to display.

Community Feedback

2 Comments on “Mesilla Comprehensive Plan”

  1. goals for preserving Mesilla is its importance of maintaining the layered zoning for development not allowing spot zoning . This would distory our ability to control build out (infill ) development should be starting from the core architecture design also is a major consern for no new designs to be added to our current guidelines

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