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Rio Grande Trail Masterplan


New Mexico Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department 


Landscape Architecture
Parks and Recreation
Public Engagement


Transportation & Trails


Sites Southwest and Alta Planning + Design teamed to help the New Mexico State Parks Division bring the long-envisioned Rio Grande Trail to life.  With a scope that extends over 500 miles from Colorado to Texas, the New Mexico Rio Grande Trail Master Plan builds off earlier work (some of which had also been completed by Sites Southwest) that identified potential trail alignments through the southern two-thirds of the state. The plan included development of a numeric ranking system to evaluate and update those previous alignment alternatives, as well as exploring new potential routes through the northern third of the state. The result is a trail alignment that will link Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas border-to-border. The plan includes recommendations for trail types for diverse geographic conditions, user accommodations, implementation strategies, and long-term management.

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