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Shelly Homer

Shelly uses her passion for creativity and well-honed graphic design skills to produce marketing materials unique to Sites Southwest. Those same skills are apparent in all aspects of her life including her home, clothing and personal style. Shelly loves spending time with her family and enjoys attending sporting events, cooking and decorating. 

Shelly was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and attended the Fashion Institute in Los Angeles, CA.  Her background in Fashion Merchandising influences her work daily as Marketing/Graphic Designer for Sites Southwest. Because of Shelly’s previous experience as an Administrative Assistant, she provides special attention to detail, excellent administrative skills, a high sense of loyalty and commitment to getting the job done right! Shelly has been with the company since its inception. Her hard work, a willingness to try to new things and a passion for always seeing the creative process as an integral component in her work makes Shelly a valued SSW employee.

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