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Sun Metro Administration Building


City of El Paso


Landscape Architecture

Building Surrounds


This large Montana property now houses a beautiful new facility for Administration and Maintenance of El Paso's public transportation system, which is a LEED Gold project for the City of El Paso and Sun Metro. It includes colorful waves of low-water flowering and evergreen plants, a large variety of trees (to reduce heat island effect and improve vehicular and pedestrian experience), and a courtyard that will be used by employees for break, lunch, and outdoor meetings, all of which are rabbit resistant (due to its proximity to native desert areas).

Large, planted berms and colorful low-water plants were used to blend a visitor and bus parking lot into the landscape. The Civil Engineer meticulously coordinated stormwater collection ponds and highly particular requirements for bus access and egress from the site. The public artist was chosen as the design was coming to a close, and Sites Southwest designers expertly incorporated the sculpture after careful cooperation with the artists. Concerns over bird populations necessitated coordination with EPIA due to the airport's flight pattern being next to this facility. TXDOT worked closely with us to maximize design potential and then incorporate them into the final design, allowing trees to stay in their ROW.

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