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Southern Torrance County Economic Development Plan


Torrance County


Community Planning
Public Engagement

Redevelopment Plan

Market Analysis

Economic Development


The Southern Torrance County Economic Development Plan examines how culture, history, geography, natural resources, and infrastructure all contribute to the region’s unique economic opportunities and challenges. The planning process was a collaborative effort of the municipalities, land grant communities, and unincorporated communities in the southern part of Torrance County.   
This Plan highlights the communities’ and stakeholders’ expectations of the region’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, as well as their economic development goals for southern Torrance County, specific projects that help achieve those goals, and resources available to support the projects. Sites Southwest developed a vision for the economies of communities in southern Torrance County, as well as projects and implementation steps, so that county and community leaders can make a difference in the county.

Two rounds of meetings were held as part of the community engagement process where key issues and opportunities identified. 

The plan emphasized the opportunity to increase workforce training in alternative energy industries, as well as the temporary and permanent jobs  and also addressed the role of film industry, as well as opportunities to expand that industry. The plan’s first priority, which the County has already implemented, was to provide a way for Torrance County to direct its residents and communities to existing resources and Sites Southwest suggested that the county hire an Economic Development Manager to help match all available resources with recipients, as well as prioritize and implement economic development projects throughout the county.

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