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@25 Shopping Center

@25 is a mixed-use office and commercial brownfield development in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on the former Digital Equipment Company site. The 45-acre development at I-25 and Jefferson Boulevard includes over 500,000 square feet of building space. Sites Southwest not only designed the project's landscape, but also collaborated with the architect on site planning strategies.

With a southwestern sensibility, the landscape and hardscape elements provide optimal pedestrian amenities. Native vegetation planted in unconventional and dramatic ways complements the retro architecture. A central pedestrian plaza complements building use and provides residents with a gathering space.

Sites Southwest also provided the developer with a Landscape Management Plan, from which the development's maintenance was bid.

Albuquerque Bio Park Projects

Sites Southwest collaborated with a large consultant team to create a master plan for what has become the focal point of Albuquerque's Rio Grande Recreational Development. The Albuquerque Aquarium, Rio Grande Botanic Garden, Tingley Aquatic Park, a concession area, and the entire infrastructure system were all part of the project. The 120-acre development's project services included land use, landscape, trails, transportation, streetscapes, and urban design plans.

Trails and multi-modal transportation systems were studied by the Sites team. They assessed the economic viability of the Biological Park's main attractions, including the aquarium, botanical garden, and the park's narrow-gauge railway. Potential site configurations and land uses were determined through environmental assessment and site evaluation. The firm’s staff played a major role in many landscape architectural elements including streetscape concepts and guidelines. We also aided in the creation of a southwestern-friendly Japanese garden at the BioPark.

Amazon Fulfillment Center

This 115-acre site is highlighted by colorful native and adapted plants. Sites Southwest designed the landscape and irrigation for a new Amazon Fulfillment Center, as well as the surrounding streets and access drives. For this sloped site and new access roads, this colorful and graphic design includes low water plants, low pressure point source irrigation, and green infrastructure that had to meet minimum MUD and El Paso County, TX requirements.

Consolidated Rental Car Facility

El Paso's new Consolidated Rental Agency Car Facility is a jewel adjacent to the airport terminal, combining previously dispersed rental car agencies into a single facility and creating a one-stop shop for travelers.

Sites Southwest collaborated closely with DWA to design a courtyard connecting the existing airport's baggage claim area and the new ConRAC facility with an attractive yet contextual solution. The goal of Sites Southwest's designers was to create a colorful and vibrant space with a regional flair where travelers could rest or enjoy a drink or snack, read a book, and hold Airport events.

Low water plants that create an iconic image of El Paso for travelers  enhance the building's street face, courtyard, and entrances and exits. The state-of-the-art, color-changing, low voltage landscape lighting that was incorporated throughout the landscape areas and provides a particularly vibrant addition to the courtyard enhances the facility's nighttime image.

MCA Tech Park

On I-10 in central El Paso, the eye-catching new Medical Center of the Americas Foundation/Biomedical Institute of the Americas, MCA Biomedical Research and Technology Commercialization Building (BRTC) aka MCA Tech Park is located.

The first building on this master-planned campus features tree-lined streets and pedestrian corridors, as well as shaded areas for enjoyment and shaded paving to reduce the "heat island effect." Attractive pedestrian scale interest is provided by graphic planters with specially designed irrigation.

This LEED Silver complex incorporates a number of xeriscape and water harvesting techniques that are essential to maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Water Harvesting, Green Swales, Bioswales, and Rain Gardens are examples of low impact development (LID) techniques that maximize the short bursts of rain that we get in El Paso, channeling this valuable resource to the planted areas. Integrating these sustainable principles will result in a long-lasting and appealing campus.

Pavilions Shopping Center

This 20-acre shopping center is located on the northwest corner of Interstate 40 and San Mateo Boulevard in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Prior to finalizing the construction plans, the master landscaping plan was reviewed and approved by the City of Albuquerque. This pacing allowed landscape architects and designers to collaborate closely with engineers early in the process to address water harvesting and pedestrian circulation issues. Water harvesting efforts make use of depressed parking islands with slotted drains around the perimeter that collect and retain water from small storm events until it evaporates. Flows from larger storm events overflow and are channeled into major drainage facilities on the property. The parking islands' cobblestone surfaces discourage pedestrians from crossing through them, extending the life of the plantings. Shoppers are directed to retail locations via wide pedestrian walkways equipped with benches and trash cans.

Additional planting beds of seasonal perennials add variety and appeal to the center, encouraging visitors to enter. The landscaping employs a native and xeric plant palette that differs from what is typically used in commercial projects in the Albuquerque area.  This experimental approach to plant use has proven to be a very successful and eye-catching way of giving this commercial property a regional flair.

University Medical Center Projects

The University Medical Center clinics, a healthcare leader in West Texas and southern New Mexico, had outgrown their current locations and expanded its clinics in El Paso, TX. Southerland, Page was awarded the contracts to design the new clinics, and Sites Southwest was hired to design the landscape and irrigation for the new facilities. Each site is about 13 acres in size, and while the clinics are very similar, the sites and terrain are vastly different. Sites Southwest collaborated closely with the architect and Medical Center staff to create unique designs set in a common language that will provide the facilities with a distinct language that will enhance the iconic nature of these structures.

Sites Southwest worked closely with the civil engineers and architects to shape the ponding areas into a more natural shape and to improve water harvesting throughout the site. Boulders, low-water plants, and a low-pressure drip irrigation system set in a natural landscape layout similar to the flagship hospital enhance the exterior of the building.

The former Winrock Mall in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is being reimagined as a town center. As part of the rehabilitation, a central park for the entire mixed-use development will be built in collaboration with the city of Albuquerque. Sites Southwest is in charge of the park's design, which will include an event amphitheater, a large playground with both nature and traditional play areas, a lake with bridges and restaurants overlooking it, and a network of soft and hardscape trails and plazas. Native plants were specifically chosen to highlight the region's effects of global warming.  A small high-tech water treatment plant will supply reclaimed water to the lake, which will then be used for park irrigation. The entire story will be told through interpretive and educational signage, emphasizing nature's plight in the face of climate change. This park is scheduled to begin construction in 2022 with an anticipated opening date in 2023.

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